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Arcadia 90d077927d Merge branch 'master' of 1 year ago
isample_mod 69cf9a6c2a Missed syntax folders and moved samples out of tools 1 year ago
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tools 25256de455 teach it *= and /= 1 year ago
.gitignore 02ef249d6a [fixes] adds whole directory to be ignored 1 year ago
CHANGELOG 1b7b8b9496 Update CHANGELOG 6 years ago
MakeQSP.bat 335713f45a [fixed] Dirrectory changes weren't included in makeQSP.bat 1 year ago
Name Updates.txt 3bd0afc81e Removal of artemEV duplicate file. It was replaced by artem_events 1 year ago e0993ec75e Fix path problem when using 1 year ago
glife-notepad++ ee03984edc File changed AlbFatherQW to albina_election_events 1 year ago
glife.qproj 9488cf7cea rename rex party files 1 year ago da807eef9b rebuilds git cache, so new gitignore rules take effect 1 year ago
keywords_en.xml a38521c084 English translation for QSP. 4 years ago
userDefineLang.xml 5a88feae51 Notepad++ Syntax highlighting for quest 7 years ago